We believe in practical, affordable solutions.

Simply having to reach out to a funeral home can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify the entire funeral home experience and make this process as easy as possible. We hope to eliminate any unnecessary surprises by publishing our total cost and the services we provide directly on our website. Hopefully this simple gesture helps provide your family with a little piece of mind.


It’s important to note that we are well aware of the Governor’s decision to remove all COVID-19 related restrictions that had previously been placed on NC funeral homes. His decision did not alter our responsibility to our staff or to the community. We believe we must remain vigilant to keep everyone safe while visiting City of Oaks Cremation.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy and we certainly understand this may be difficult for some families to accept; however, we have decided the right thing for our funeral home is to continue to limit our on-site memorial services, visitations and/or funeral services to a maximum of 15 individuals in attendance. This is a temporary solution for all services held at our facility. As more information becomes available we will continue to alter our approach.

Direct Cremation

Nobody likes surprise cost added in at the last minute. We guarantee you will not find any hidden charges here. We include everything you need for a simple or direct cremation. Simple, affordable and reliable. We have not changed the cost of our direct cremation service since we opened City of Oaks in 2012.

Immediate Burial

An immediate burial has the same end result as a traditional burial; however, we've eliminated the extra (sometimes unnecessary) services prior to getting to the cemetery. Not everyone wants an open casket for viewing or a limousine for the family. Despite the term immediate, we can move as fast as you need or as slow as you like. This option simply allows you to save money by eliminating some of the fancy extras at the funeral home.

Traditional Funeral

We offer the same traditional funeral services as the big corporately owned funeral homes in the area; however, we cost about half the amount. You might consider a traditional funeral service if your family is looking for an open casket visitation, a traditional church service or a funeral service in the funeral homes chapel. A traditional funeral service can be altered to fit the needs of your family.

City of Oaks is committed to providing families with unsurpassed and professional service before, during, and after the time of loss.

Our Funeral Home is located in Wake County, North Carolina; however, we provide our services to families throughout the entire state. Regardless of what County you live in, we can help your family with making simple, affordable funeral arrangements.

We have an all-inclusive, low cost approach. The families we serve are typically educated, practical, environmentally conscious and economically sound decision makers. More frequently, families are deciding to bypass the lavish floral displays, catered receptions, expensive hearses and family cars or limousines that have often been associated with traditional American funerals of the past.

We provide each family with a Licensed Funeral Director who will work with you from start to finish. Our team takes pride in being able to assist families with a wide range of cultures, religions, economic and other influencing factors. We provide compassionate care and understanding to families at the time of a pending death by making sure they are informed of what steps will follow and how we will be there to assist them through the entire process. Our Funeral Directors provide the reassuring voice that families rely on while going through a difficult time when a loved one passes away.

Green Burial Council Member